Wow! One year in the books for Lone Oak Brewing Company! To say the first 365 days was a wild ride is an understatement and as strange of a year 2020 has been, we are able to take away a lot of positives. With the help of many loyal, supportive, customers our brewery was able to run and operate as well as we could have during a global pandemic. Countless hours by our team were spent providing customer service, brewing, packaging, running the roads for deliveries and crunching numbers. We really do have a great team at Lone Oak, have I mentioned that before??

We had great support from locals in year one, so we only see fit that we support local as well! We are proud to say 90% of our malted grains and 100% of our apple juice/fruits used are all Island sourced! We are blessed these local companies exist and are so thrilled to be working with them. Community is another important pillar in our brewery so we strive to give back when we can! In our first year were thrilled to donate over $6,500 to various organizations/fundraisers. A large portion of these proceeds came from the inaugural Lone Oak Charity Classic golf tournament in October. We are looking forward to building on this event in 2021 and hope to see you there!

Ten different beers were released by Lone Oak in 2020 and now with a couple extra tanks in the brewery we cannot wait to expand on that! In addition to our own, a few special products were released along the way in collaboration with some of our Atlantic brewing friends: Spindrift, 2 Crows, and CAVOK. We thank these top notch breweries for collaborating with Lone Oak and very much look forward to the next time

We are pleased with the reception of our taproom and love hosting you all. Year one has seen some pretty great times in that space including tons and tons of live music, quizzing one another with trivia (even did some virtually), special events and some pre-Covid tours. We hope you all enjoyed these moments as much as we did! Oh! Did I mention how excited we are with the addition of our new partners The Abby restaurant?? You can now pair your favorite Lone Oak beverage with some delicious dishes!

Looking back at our first year, our entire team learned a lot and grew within their roles. For me, its refreshing to look back on where the beers were out of the gate and where they are now. Continuously tweaking and dialling them in over time has yielded positive feedback with consumers and those small changes will continue over time. It’s like the old saying; “the house you build is never quite complete, and Lennie Gallant never put out all his hits in year one” – well I think that’s how the saying goes.

We have lots planned for year two and we can’t wait to show you what’s in store.



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