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About Us

Lone Oak Brewing Co is a locally owned and operated, forward-thinking, craft brewery in Gateway Village of Borden-Carleton, PEI. It is also a Full Service restaurant known as the Lone Oak Brewpub in Charlottetown, PEI.

Our focus is on innovation and quality while striving to use local ingredients. Agriculture is an important pillar for the Island economy full of talented professionals, which is why we stand behind our farmers and their products.

Lone Oak Brewing Co is excited to be bringing top quality products and service to consumers from PEI and around the world.

The Lone Oak tree represents the two main pillars of our brand

Quality & Local

Oak itself is a strong, quality wood used for centuries to build mankind’s finest products.

You can find a lone oak on the Island flag that represents the protection of our three counties. Our Island and its history are important to us and we want to represent all three counties in our brand.

Lastly, we take our products and add a touch of oak. Our barrel-aged line is aged to perfection using oak foeders and barrels.

Meet The Owners

Jared Murphy



Experienced as a business professional, Jared is excited to take on a new adventure in the alcoholic beverage industry.

After graduating with a BBA from UPEI, Jared managed a small business for several years then worked in marketing and communications for a non-profit. He began investing at an early age and it was during this time he found his love for the entrepreneurial spirit.

Jared’s professional experience includes organizing events, managing social media accounts, working with the local media, and creating content for websites. He contributes his time working in small business as a key learning experience in finance, marketing, HR and sales.

Responsible for overseeing the operations of the business, Jared will work to develop quality business strategies to ensure the organization is reaching its desired results. Jared looks forward to bringing his high energy and motivated personality to the Lone Oak Brewing Co.

Spencer Gallant


Head Brewer

Spencer began his brewing profession with the PEI Brewing Company in 2013. Upon completing his Chemistry degree from UPEI the following year, his passion for producing quality fermented beverages only grew. Now, Spencer is an experienced brewer with an expertise in product development.

Spencer is currently approaching completion of a Master’s in Science, more specifically, his research involves the chemistry of wild growing local hops. He has been able to directly translate his academic learning to his brewing profession. In addition, Spencer is part way through his Diploma in Brewing Science from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling in London, England.

With the PEI Brewing Company, Spencer has played a role in beer creations that have been awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at the Canadian Brewing Awards. He is also an active member of the American Society of Brewing Chemists and has given multiple presentations at their international conferences.

Over the course of his career, Spencer has gained a great deal of experience in all aspects of the brewing industry and is excited to share his future creations with the customers of Lone Oak Brewing Co.

Dillon Wight


Sales Officer

At an early age Dillon started working at a local brew-pub, Gahan House, which led to his strong passion for the craft beer and hospitality industry. During this time, Dillon fell in love with everything that has to do with the products and the people.

Dillon has always taken pride in being knowledgeable about the products he is selling and always strives to provide his customers with a memorable experience.

Having completed a Bachelor of Science with a major in Biology at the University of Prince Edward Island, Dillon’s ability to connect with people and determined work ethic brought him to the business and sales community. Now seasoned in sales, managing accounts, and customer service he always emphasizes the value in a customer’s positive experience during a sale.

Dillon is excited to dive back into the craft beer and hospitality industry, a fast-paced exciting growing market in Atlantic Canada.