To some, a career in the craft beer industry may appear to only consist of festivals and sample tastings. The reality is, it can be a tough and messy endeavour consisting of long days, heavy lifting, and continuous schedule changes. After scrubbing the floor in the brewhouse and covered in spent grain on a late Friday night, I’ll often ask myself, why is this the industry I chose? Then it hits you: the satisfaction of having your family, friends, and complete strangers enjoy a beer that you created is a wonderful feeling. Applying brewing theory and science, whilst mixing in some creativity to design new products is the fuel behind any craft brewer. Now I want to share with you what we have been cooking up for the past couple months at the Lone Oak.


5.7% ABV/35 IBU
Hops: Amarillo, Cascade, New Zealand Moutere

Yankee Gale is an American Pale Ale to commemorate the devastating storm of 1851 that occurred off the North Shore of Western PEI. Brewed with all PEI malt, and loads of hops, Yankee Gale delivers notes of passionfruit, intense citrus, with pine undertones. Moderate bitterness and bready malt backbone balances this pale ale to be enjoyed by many! 


5.0% ABV/0 IBU
Hops: El Dorado

South Shore Sour is an approachable sour beer loaded with fruit flavour. A mixed fermentation with a blend of lactobacillus and brewer’s yeast formulates a complex beer with notes of canned peaches, stone fruit, pineapple and mango. The soft acidity creates a thirst-quenching sensation leaving you wanting more. Expect to see fruited variations of this beer down the road!


4.7% ABV/25 IBU
Hops: Magnum, Ultra

Our pilsner is a representation of Maritime flavour. Made will all PEI malt and New Brunswick hops, Fixed Link is an effervescent German inspired pilsner that is clean, bright, and full of flavour. Light bodied with a snappy bitterness our pilsner can be paired with a wide array of foods, from strong cheeses, to spicy cuisine.


5.5% ABV
Apples: MacIntosh, Cortland

Iron O3chard is inspired by the rich Island soils coloured red by ferrous oxide which also provides nutrients for local apple trees. A dry, crisp cider made with a blend of two local apple varieties delivers aromas of fresh picked apples and white wine. High carbonation, moderate tannins, combined with a tart finish creates a refreshing hard apple cider.

And that’s our starting lineup! These products will be recurring year-round, destined for cans and draft. Keep your eyes peeled for more products down the line. The barrels for our oak aging program have just landed, and rumour has it, there’s a dark beer on the horizon for those long cold winter nights.

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