Welcome to Lone Oak Brewing Co’s first ever blog post!

Brewing is a wonderful process that was discovered over ten thousand years ago and has been continuously evolving ever since. Brewing can be quite complex, if you want it to be, throwing around words like Saccharomyces, attenuation, krausen and nucleation – but at the end of the day it’s simply alchemy, turning sugar into alcohol and fizzy CO2.

My name is Spencer Gallant, head brewer at Lone Oak Brewing Co. Along with my partners, Jared Murphy and Dillon Wight, we have set out to bring locally produced beer and cider to the Maritime market. My vision of beer is to keep it simple and let the process and ingredients shine within the finished product. We are also striving to use as many local ingredients in our beverages as possible. We truly believe PEI and the Maritimes offer exceptional raw materials for the brewing process and we cannot wait to start!

This blog is where you will find a collection of stories and information that will depict Lone Oak Brewing Co’s identity. Readers can expect: a mixture of brewing process descriptions, stories on building and operating a brewery, interviews and profiles of our suppliers, “Sciencey” beer nerd stuff and other interesting or comical happenings along the way.

I have a passion for beer and it began when I cracked my first ever Labatt Blue Pilsner. This passion only grew after diving into the science of fermented beverages. Now, I want to share my experiences with all of you. 


Spencer Gallant

Co-Owner, Head Brewer

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